Five Tips for Strong Editing

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No one is perfect. Sometimes, as you’re typing, you end up with “the” instead of “then.” And there’s nothing spellchecker can do to save you. But of course, when people catch a typo, they think, “Didn’t someone proofread this?” Do you want your business to be viewed as unprofessional? Of course not. If you don’t […]

The Truth Behind the Story

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In journalism school, we learned to call news articles, “stories,” because that’s the truth. Any well-written news piece tells  you the story of who, what, where, when, why, how. Some move you to tears, some make you laugh. Some seem bland, written in a very news-y inverted pyramid format, with just the facts. But it […]

What is a QR Code?

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Have you seen one of these yet? No? You will. This is a QR code. It’s like the bar code you see at the grocery store and library, except this 2-D version holds more information. These hold more than 7,000 characters, compared to the 14 digits of a standard barcode. Smartphones have apps that can […]

How to Write a Press Release

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One of my clients said she hates press releases. And just this weekend while in a conference I heard someone call them “worthless.” I disagree. While working in news, I would delete 99 percent of press releases. Wait, you ask, doesn’t that mean they are worthless? Well, no. Just the wrong ones. In TV news, […]