An Easy Password

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I was typing in my password to a site the other day, and it struck me, not for the first time, that I really ought to change it. The password I was using was one of my repeats, common across sites and not as strong as it should be. But, as most of us do, […]

Time for an Upgrade

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When I worked in newsrooms, I used to joke that we were the most uncommunicative bunch of communicators. We might have the latest scoop on the governor or the budget, but when it comes to us actually knowing what’s going on within our organization, we’re likely clueless. This came to mind recently when I attended […]

A Pair of Shoes

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The other day I was driving to a client meeting when I realized something amusing: I had just changed my shoes. I began the day wearing a business casual outfit, but since I was walking, I wore comfortable sneakers. I stopped at home to change into dressier shoes before driving to my meeting. Why? I […]