My Story

Blame my mother. It’s all her fault I studied journalism. I was bored around the house one summer day, playing with our new computer. I decided to write a few news items down in the Word processing program. “Household Happenings” only published two issues. Naturally, my mom thought it was fantastic.

I dismissed her career idea. But she must have planted a seed in my head, because by senior year of high school, I knew what I wanted to do: write for a newspaper. I later worked for multiple news publications in Illinois and Tennessee.

I moved to Raleigh in 2007 and spent three years working as a web and broadcast producer for a local TV news station. There, I learned other forms of writing and gained skills in web and social networking. I also learned how to deal with the pressure of producing live TV news.

In 2009, I began using my skills to write articles, blog posts, press releases and web copy. A year later, I left the news business to start my own business as a content creator and social media manager for Raleigh small business owners and marketing agencies. I love helping with community and civic events and nonprofit boards. Past experiences have included TEDx Raleigh and The Raleigh Public Record. Learn more on my resume or LinkedIn profile.

As I embark on new ventures and uses for my skills, I think about that seed Mom planted years ago. I’m lucky she did, and it keeps on growing.


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