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9 Things to Put in Your Newsletter


Monthly newsletters* are a useful way to stay in touch with your clients. Even if they don’t open the newsletter, they’ll see your name in their inbox. Newsletters are good brand recognition, and with the right subject line, you can get someone to open it and possibly take action.

Many business owners struggle to come up with content each month. After all, you’re already writing blog posts and creating status updates for social media. What one earth can you do differently in your newsletter? Here is a list of things you can include or share in your newsletter each month.

  1. An article. But don’t worry, you don’t have to write a whole new one! The main newsletter article should link back to your website anyway. And if you’re creating new content, post it on the blog, not in a separate “Newsletter” section. So the story here is that you can use a blog post as your main piece of content. Don’t post the entire piece; it’ll look too long. Plus, you can check your stats later to see who clicked to keep reading; those are your qualified leads.
  2. Internal news. What’s new with the company? Even if you’re small, you probably have at least one tiny update to share. Some examples include new services, the team member of the month, a conference you attended or will attend, dates you are closed, volunteering you do, or a recent project for a client you want to share.
  3. A reminder to follow you on social media. Say it in a cute way by sharing your “best” or “favorite” Instagram photo or tweet from the previous month.
  4. Useful tools. Your newsletter doesn’t have to be all about you. You might include a section that highlights articles, tools, or links you find useful and relevant. Upcoming events can be useful in some industries. If your company’s brand is lighthearted, you might even share a monthly music playlist. 
  5. An offer. A lot of B2Bs don’t use coupons, sales, or discounts the way a retailer might. In some industries, these types of deals don’t work. However, it might be worth experimenting to see if it makes a difference.
  6. A quote. Newsletters need images. Turn a quote into an image for the sidebar section. You can choose a random quote, make one up from you, or choose a theme each year and select a quote related to that.
  7. Images and/or video or sound. Any articles you put into a newsletter must include images. But you might also have a separate section for video each month. If you produce a podcast or BlogTalk Radio show, embed the episode.
  8. A call to action. The article needs a call to action. The newsletter itself should also have some social share buttons.
  9. The “unsubscribe” button. If you’re using an email platform (as you should be), this will be in the bottom of the email. By law, you need to include this, so do it now if you’re not already.

What’s in your newsletter?

*I’m not going to say e-newsletter anymore. We all know we’re talking about email these days, right?