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Why You Shouldn’t Play it Too Safe with Content

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Content is everywhere. Studies often talk about fatigue people feel sometimes with all the information out there. After all, it is an awful lot!

But really, people only get tired of boring content. And a lot of what’s out there is boring. Some of it has to be, sure. But in some cases, companies spend a lot of time and money creating content that is neutral and professional to the point of being bland. Why?

Fear. Companies are afraid to stand out from the crowd online because the second you do, you open yourself up to the negative as well as the positive. This is especially true in more sensitive industries, those already considered sketchy by many people. People love to dislike car salespeople, for example, or insurance companies.

But let’s say a company typically considered boring created some stand-out content. Maybe the content even makes fun of their own industry. Or humanizes the people in it. Such a move comes as a pleasant surprise to people and elevates that company in their minds. Forbes took a look at The Good and The Ugly: Insurance Advertising.

You’re not a big insurance company. You’re a small business owner in Raleigh. However, that makes it even harder for you to stand out. Taking time to craft your brand, your character, online will help make you more memorable. Let’s say for a moment you receive a negative comment online. Responding will give you an advantage; you’re being seen. You’re the cool one if you can dish it back.

Of course, there is a balance. Some companies try a little too hard to look cool, and end up looking bad as Jay Baer outlined in this piece about Wendy’s. If you were always the dorky kid, trying too hard to look cool probably won’t work.

Instead, take what makes you different. Quirky, even. Can you highlight that and parlay it into some content that doesn’t read like the same old thing? Doing this is not easy. But if you’re spending time and money on content anyway, it will be a lot more fun and more fruitful in the long run if you don’t play it too safe.