6 Places to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

Finding topics for blog posts is tough. After all, thinking is hard work. If it were easy, everyone would do it. 🙂 Some days, your creativity is tapped and you just cannot conceive of a topic someone might want to read about. That’s OK. The trick is to be thinking about topics almost all the time. Sound tough? Keep reading to see what I mean.

Brainstorming Sessions Don’t Work
Brainstorming with your team (if you have one) is one way to come up with blog post topics. But sometimes, the forced nature of this produces ideas that fall flat. Yes, you might create a nice list to get started, and I recommend doing so. You can discuss  what topics your clients always ask questions about, or things going on around the office or in your industry. Bouncing ideas around can work, but it’s not going to sustain you long term. The content beast always needs to be fed.

Come Up with Blog Posts Topics Everywhere

Instead, keep your blog on the forefront of your mind. Keep an Evernote, Google doc, or little notebook where you write down ideas as they occur. You will forget later, no matter how hard you try to remember them all. As you wander about daily life, be thinking about how a topic might fit into your blog. Here are six places you might find ideas:

    • Social Media – At its base, social media is a conversation. What are people talking about? Does that apply to your industry? Or is there a lesson in the current conversation that makes sense for your audience? Be sure you are searching hashtags and terms that may help.
    • Podcasts/Radio – What do you listen to? You might listen to a history podcast but discover that something that happened 100 years ago can relate to today’s problems. Maybe you listen to the news on the radio, or catch a morning show host talking about some crazy fact that sparks an idea. Maybe it’s even a line in a song on the radio, something catchy, that becomes the first sentence in your post. Keep your ears open.
    • Your Home/Life – I once wrote a blog post about cockroaches and how they taught me something about content marketing. That post was one of my most highly-read pieces. Telling stories about your life or comparing something seemingly unrelatable like cockroaches and content marketing can make for a good read.
    • The Sidewalk/Street – Wander around on foot in your neighborhood or city. You see so much more while walking than you do from your car. This new perspective might give you some ideas. What do you see that stands out? How can that relate?
    • Reading List – What books or articles are you reading that relate to what you do? Maybe you want to alert your readers to some great reads that will help them. Maybe you just want to add your two cents to an article, which you can do by linking to it in your post. Be sure what you add helps your readers in some way.
    • Work – Of course, your work should trigger all sorts of ideas as you create your product or serve your customers. The tricky part is to be thinking as you go.

Where do you find useful blog post ideas?