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5 Types of Content to Create Besides Blog Posts

Writing blog posts every week or every month isn’t for everyone. Even if you hire a freelance writer, you might feel you want to supplement that with other content. Great idea! While content marketing is an important part of your Raleigh business, that content doesn’t always have to be a blog post. Here are some other types of content you can post on your website and share on social media:

  1. Infographics. These useful images pack information, data, or a story into one image. Create them as a flow chart, a how-to, an explanation, or to make some numbers more interesting. Infographics are a popular share on social media.
    Tips: Be sure to work with a designer to make the image flow well. Clutter will confuse. I also recommend putting a watermark on the image; it will be shared and borrowed by itself, with no link to your website and that way your brand and name remain.
  2. Video. Video is a fantastic piece of content. It’s easily shared, easy to watch, and helps connect people to you and your business. Plus, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine! A lot of business owners don’t want to be the person on camera or aren’t sure about shooting video. You can rely on your team or hire an actor, but you might want to give it a try yourself; it helps your customers connect with the face behind the business.  
    Tips: If you can’t afford to hire professional help for video, practice shooting on your own many times before posting. Set up the best lighting you can and spring for a microphone that plugs into your camera along with a tripod. (That’s a must.) Keep the video simple and authentic.
  3. Live video. Live video on Facebook is the up-and-coming thing and really gets a lot of engagement.
    Tips: Before you dive right in, practice shooting regular videos. Also, be sure your live event is something you market in advance and is something people might actually want to see.
  4. Photos. Photographers know the value of posting their work online (with watermarks). If you are more of an image person than a word person, it’s OK to post photos as blog posts.
    Tips: Include as much text as you can to describe the images and the reason you are posting them.
  5. Audio. Maybe you’ve got a lot to say, but writing isn’t your thing and you don’t want your face on camera. Organize your thoughts and speak them into a recording app. Boom! You’ve got a podcast episode. Just like with blog posts, it’s best to do these at regular intervals, so you may want to plan topics in advance. You can post them on your website and also release them for free in podcast stores such as iTunes and Google Play to help grow your audience.
    Tips: Use an external mic with unidirectional sound. Record in a silent room (no dogs or babies in the background) and use a blanket on the floor or desk as needed to muffle echoes. You can also find a studio such as Little Raleigh Radio.

What types of content have you tried?