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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Blog Post Writer?

Small business owners tired of creating content are soon searching online for someone to write blog posts. One of the first things they want to know: how much is it going to cost to hire a blog post writer?

As with nearly anything, the answer depends. Here are some factors and the price ranges you’ll encounter when searching for a content creator.

Note, before you hire, here is a useful list of questions to ask your freelance writer.

The Cost of Hiring a Writer or Blogger

Fiverr/Upwork/Online Services
Finding someone to write blog posts isn’t too hard. Whether you use Fiverr, Upwork, Odesk or a similar online service, you can usually find someone to write nearly anything for as little as $5. These services are easy and give you several writers to choose from, so you can pick your price, find someone based in the U.S. or abroad, and find a range of styles and levels of experience. For the better writers, the prices tend to range from $10 per post to $50.

Another viable option for small business owners is to hire an intern to write blog posts. The advantage here is that you can meet with him or her regularly to guide the tone and topics and pay him or her less than you pay a professional. Some interns even work for free. The disadvantage is that you’ll have turnover and have to retrain someone new every semester or two. Still, it’s an inexpensive way to help both you and the student. Prices here range from $0 per post to whatever hourly wage or monthly stipend you want to pay.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual and administrative assistants can be found both online and in Raleigh. Many offer content creation, including newsletters and blog posts. If you’re already using this service, it may make sense for you to add content creation on as part of that work. Some of the better services will create content calendars, manage your newsletter, and post blog entries on your website. Their services cost more, of course. Prices I’ve seen range from $25 per hour to $50 per hour.  

Professional Content Creator
Through networking or word of mouth, you may stumble into someone who, like me, creates blog posts, newsletters, and other content for a living. How much he or she charges varies greatly. Prices start at $25 per hour or $20 per post and go up from there. Many writers I know base their rates on experience, target audience, and their own financial goals. Some writers offer discounts for bulk work.

For example, I’ll sometimes offer a smaller per-post rate if you’re asking for one blog post a week instead of one per month. If you’re asking for multiple tasks, such as writing blog posts, managing a content calendar, posting the blog entries, finding photos, and posting on social media, your writer may charge a monthly retainer. Depending on the list of tasks and the writer you find, that won’t be less than $100 per month, but expect it to be $200 or higher.

Why Mention My Competition
You might be wondering why I, a content creator, would mention services that are my competition. I do not post myself on Fiverr/Upwork sites because they belittle the work I provide. Trying to make money that way would force me to live on Ramen noodles, and not the trendy ones found in pop-up restaurants. However, I understand that for some small business owners, that’s the easy way to get going, and I don’t want to waste either of our time if you’re seeking someone based only on price.

If you’re a small business owner deciding between me and an intern or VA, your decision is based on more than just the cost. At least this way you’ve seen all your options and weighed them against your needs. My customers are those who prefer to shop local, support small business, and understand the value of expertise. If this sounds like you and you want to know more about how I can help your business grow, contact me to chat.