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How Can a Writer Create Content in My Voice?

Business owners who have created their own content often feel nervous about handing over the job to someone else. As your business grows, you may realize it’s time to hire someone to help create blog posts, newsletters, or social media status update. But how can that someone write like you?

Simple: they cannot. Writers will talk to you about writing in your voice. Yes, there are ways to work toward this, which you’ll see below. But in truth, any piece a writer creates won’t sound exactly like you. However, writers do their best to create work that represents you and your brand in a professional manner. I offer two options to business owners who want to get as much of their voice in content as possible:

Option 1 – You do the writing.
Wait, what? People often hire a writer because they no longer have time to write, even if they enjoy it. But if you are truly concerned about your voice coming across, it might be best for you to keep writing. Instead of writing out an entire post or newsletter, you can write down a rough outline with some phrases. Then, I can take that piece and add to it, format it, put some detail in, and organize it into something cohesive.

You can also write the entire piece and work with a writer for help with editing, scheduling posts, finding images, creating a content calendar, and strategizing content. That way some of the work is delegated, but you still write.

Option 2 – We work together to put your voice in the content.
Putting your voice in the content means we speak in person or by phone regularly so I can hear words you use, phrases you repeat. I want to hear your passion for your business, why you love what you do. I can take that feeling and put it into what I write. Then, you review it closely. During that review, I need you to tell me, “Please do not use this word” or “Let’s make sure to say XYZ” instead. Mark up the Google document as if you had a red pen!

Do not be afraid to offer this feedback. Feedback helps any business owner improve, and the same goes for me. However, I rarely get any feedback except, “It looks good.” Some people just want the blog posts done and are not concerned with the voice of the content as long as it’s professional. In that case, minimal feedback is fine. But if voice is your chief concern when hiring a writer, be prepared to offer true input. No writer can create a perfect post in your voice the first time without your thoughts.

While the first few posts will require a lot of input in this way, after a little while, I’ll start to get a feel for your voice. As we build a relationship, you’ll find the posts sound more like you.

What questions do you have about hiring a freelance writer? Contact me for a free consultation.