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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Writer or Content Creator for Your Small Business

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Writing seems like that internal work you should be doing as a small business owner. At least that how it often feels. After all, you want your voice to come across. It’s YOUR business.

Plus, hiring someone is scary, even if that hire is a contractor. Solo business owners who have not hired someone before have to figure out 1099s and the tax implications. The trust factor is huge. You’re handing over this enormous responsibility. Will an outside writer make you sound good? But as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money.

Five “Time to Hire a Writer” Signs

Here are five signs it’s time to hire some help for your ongoing content creation:

  1. You are so busy you didn’t write last week’s blog post. Or the week before. Time is the top reason I hear from small business owners who ask me about my work. Writing content takes time, even when you’re the expert. Even if you have created a content calendar and have it planned out, things happen. Your clients need you. We only have so many hours in the day, and if you’re running out of time to write, it’s time to hire someone to help.
  2. You dread the task. A colleague of mine wrote an ebook called, “Moving Beyond Me” about her experiences expanding her business. In it, she chronicles her process of figuring out what tasks to delegate based on a variety of factors. In some cases, she enjoyed the task, but knew it was something she should not spend time on. In other cases, she hated doing the task. If you find yourself procrastinating with the blog or social media, it’s time to find someone else to manage it. After all, a writer loves to write. Focus on what you love to do.
  3. You’re stuck. Small business owners start off full of ideas. As the months pass, our attention is diverted to a hundred different things. The learning curve is steep. Soon, finding ideas becomes more difficult. Maybe you’ve written a blog or e-newsletter for years, but you just ran out of steam. Maybe you don’t want a writer, but someone to create a list of ideas or strategize content. Either way, it’s time for a fresh perspective.
  4. You don’t write well. Some small business owners manage to get that blog post done every week, but it’s not written well. If you feel your content is slightly sloppy or hard to understand, it’s time to hire a content writer. After all, your clients and customers are coming to you for information, deciding whether to work with you. Even if you are absolutely the best at what you do, if your writing isn’t clear, the client may decide you don’t sound like an expert.
  5. You’ve never written regular content for your business. Some business owners get started with a basic website that does not have a blog or newsletter. Maybe you wrote the introduction on your website or hired your niece to write a few words. That’s great. But if you’ve decided it’s time to consistently create content and just aren’t sure how, hire someone who has done it before. When people hire you, you probably talk to them about why they should. Maybe you discuss your years of experience. See where I’m going with this? That’s not to say you can’t create some content. Maybe your content writer creates three pieces per month and you write one. But it helps to have someone familiar with the process.

Questions about hiring a content writer? I’m happy to chat with you for free to learn more about your business and whether we are a good team.