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Change Your Perspective for Better Blog Posts

cat nose perspective

Better blog posts don’t just come from better writing. (Though it helps.) Sometimes, it’s a matter of changing the way you look at your company.

The other day I was complaining at the far location of my child’s daycare. I live and work in downtown Raleigh, so daycare has turned my 5-minute bicycle commute into a 45-minute car trip. But the person to whom I complained is my neighbor, whose child goes to the same daycare. His response: “Are you kidding? It’s so close!” To him, it’s an easy stop on the way to work in Holly Springs.

Perspective makes a big difference.

From your perspective, a client may come to you for help in solving Problem C. Meanwhile, you are writing blog posts all about how useful your service is in fixing Problem M. Is it time to switch gears? Kleenex is named such because the makers thought people would use it as a disposable cleaning rag. Customers instead used it as a disposable handkerchief.

Your product or service may not require such an obvious need for a change in perspective. But sometimes zooming out even just a little gives us a whole new view.

How do you zoom out?

Shifting perspective isn’t easy if you’ve been doing something a certain way for awhile. But anyone who wants to stay in business knows it’s important to adapt. Be sure to check your “zoom” once in awhile.

I recently overheard a flower shop owner talk about how her customers had changed from one type to another. She didn’t know why, but knew she needed to provide something for this new group. She noticed this change by visiting her store regularly and watching who was shopping.

Aside from taking notes about who is buying your products or calling you for your services, you can zoom out by:

  • Taking note of which blog posts are receiving comments, clicks, and social shares. Use your analytics tools to determine what is working. Can you identify trends? Those trends might lead you to a series of blog posts.
  • Surveying your customers to find out what they love/dislike about your products/services, how they use them, and more. You might find a few surprises.
  • Creating a one-off post or a post with a far different voice as a test. Review results.

How else do you zoom out on your business?