12 Blog Posts to Write This Year

A new year, a new you. This is the year you’re going to write blog posts regularly for your business. — But you still don’t know what to write.

If you’re struggling to get blog posts written, start with a small goal: one per month. It’s best to publish blog posts at least twice a month, or better yet, each week. But if you’re new to the regular writing game, give yourself a break. One post per month is a manageable because it means you only have to produce 12 blog post ideas. So open up the spreadsheet, write out the months of the year in Column A, and start making your list.

Coming up with ideas for blog posts.
Photo by Rennett Stowe.

While I advocate getting creative with your blog, that’s not always easy when you’re just starting out. Here are 12 tried-and-true ideas to help get you reach your goal:

The List of 12 Blog Posts

  1. The Interview. Interview a member of your amazing team and post the questions and answers in a Q&A-style format. You can ask about his/her work at your company, what they love about the job, and a few fun questions to show some personality. Include a headshot for the photo. This connects your customers and potential customers to who you are as a team. Just you? That’s OK – interview yourself.
  2. The FAQ. No matter what your business, your customers or clients have similar questions. Write a blog post that addresses the 5 most common. If you have several, break them up into multiple blog posts.
  3. The How To. Whether you’re a dentist, a marketer, or palm reader, or a ninja, your business contains some type of how-to blog post. Readers can find practical information in a good how-to post. What aspect of your business can you explain to someone? This might be how to use one of your products for even more amazing results. A spa might blog about how to properly moisturize your face each night. Pro tip: Put the words “how to” in your headline. They’re very searchable. 🙂
  4. The Before and After. Tell a story of how a customer benefited from your product or service. Photos make this one work well, but if you can’t get images, paint a picture for the reader by sharing the emotion that customer felt as he/she struggled with a problem that your product or service corrected.
  5. The Testimonial.This is similar to No. 4, but in some cases, you can use the customer’s own words, which is powerful. (Obviously you’ll need to get written permission.)
  6. The Slideshare/Presentation. A presentation for your colleagues might be an easy blog post. Remove any proprietary information and offer it up as a look inside how things are going. Or, you might create a separate presentation with useful hints or information related to your business.
  7. The Guest Post. You probably network with people who are looking for exposure for their business. If your audience connects to theirs, they might be willing to write a post for you. You get to dictate the rules!
  8. The List. Lists are easy to write. Frankly, I get sick of them, but people (including myself) keep clicking on list posts. So write a list of the top 7 somethings that relates to your business.
  9. The Deep Thought. Is something changing in your industry? Did you recently read something that provoked thought? Share your profound wisdom with the world.
  10. The Product/Service. Further explain or highlight one of your products or services in a blog post. This is a way to go more in depth than your product/service page, offering extra information and ideas.
  11. The Advice. What challenges are your customers facing? What advice do you have to offer them related to those challenges?
  12. The Company Update. What changes are taking place inside the company? New hires? Expansion? A relocation? Whether big or small, this is a chance to show off your authentic self by sharing what’s going on behind the blog.