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Why Content Marketing is Imperative for a Non-Brick-and-Mortar Business

map demonstrating why content marketing is important

No physical address? Your small business needs content marketing. Yes, NEEDS. Not like you need a new purse or running shoes. Like you need food.

Nope, I’m not just trying to drum up some content writing business. (Though it’s a nice side perk.) In truth, I was speaking to my Search Engine Optimization guru, who mentioned that local search often relies on an address. He spends hours getting his clients listed in directories. These directories all offer links back to the site, but they also list your physical address. map demonstrating why content marketing is important

Small service-based business owners who work out of their home might not feel comfortable publishing their address. I don’t blame them. But is sure makes it harder to list your business in directories. This also results in low rankings because Google prefers an exact business address to show in the local results, that nice map you see on the right side. Google also frowns on virtual mailboxes and PO boxes and doesn’t rank them as well.

What’s a small Raleigh business to do? Content Marketing.

No, content marketing is not immediate. No, content alone will not push you to the top. But regularly posted, useful content about the topic on which you are an expert is one way to keep your site in the rankings, and to reach your audience wherever they may be.

What’s preventing you from writing blog posts on your website?

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