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How to Make Your Business Blog Less Boring

Boring blog? No one is going to read it.

You knew that already. So you’re wondering how you take your business topics and turn it into something interesting for your potential and current clients. After all, a business blog isn’t just about SEO; content marketing is also about providing your clients with some information they can actually use.

I don’t want to disparage certain small business industries, but we all know there are some topics that just don’t generate a lot of excitement — or a lot of interesting reading.

Photo by Mike Licht.
Photo by Mike Licht.

So how do you make your business blog more readable?

1 Be real. You’ve heard this before. But you’re still not listening. While you want to remain professional, you’re going to be much more memorable if you share stories from inside the company.

2. Hook them while it’s hot. In other words, take advantage of peak times. We all avoid thinking about taxes until March. But then, you might have my attention with blog posts about them. That’s the time to have a post each week (or more), and ways to sign up for the enewsletter, which will help them with tips throughout the year.

3. Find your flair. Or your fun. Push the line a bit. Sure, you can put your teeth cleaning tips in there, but c’mon. We know we’re supposed to floss. I’m not going to read another blog post about why it’s important.

Want more detail about how to do this? Next week, I’ll post a list of topics that make boring things interesting.