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Five Ideas for Not-So-Boring Business Blog Posts

Business blogs and social media status updates might be something you do “because you’re supposed to” or because your content marketer or SEO guru said it’s a good idea. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

In fact, you’re going to see a lot better results if you actually blog or post about something interesting. I recently worked with a client who wanted me to send over a list of social media status updates that I was planning to use. I did; she didn’t like a lot of them because instead of talking about her business, I talked about related things and used fun images and jokes. She deleted those ones and kept the stodgy “here is why we are awesome” updates.

Uh, do you WANT people to read this stuff and engage at all? Last week I gave three ways to spruce up your blog. But those were concepts. Here is the nitty gritty:

1. Share a story.
External — So, customer service isn’t interesting? Not true. Check with the people answering phones and you’ll come up with a whole bunch of stories. Share the rewarding story of the customer who had a big problem and found a solution thanks to your team. Share the bad story of how things didn’t go well, but how it turned out to be a lesson learned and resulted in change.
Internal — Share the stories of the people who work for you. Write a post just before Christmas/Hanukkah about what your team will be doing during the holidays.

2. Do an interview.
Interview the CEO. Interview an employee. Turn it around an interview a customer. Bonus: Do this on video.

3. Share some photos.
Show us what it’s like inside your space. Show us the company picnic. this goes back to being real. It’s OK to show us what’s behind the curtain, Mr. Wizard.

Photo by wales_gibbons.
Photo by wales_gibbons.

4. Find the sidelines. Many people find insurance boring. Few people want to read about it unless they are looking to buy insurance. So yes, be sure to blog about the best types of insurance and how and when to buy. But to keep them coming back, your blog will be more compelling if you find the sideline. For example, a car mechanic might blog not about fixing cars, but about custom car shows he attends. That one is easy, right? Back to insurance: we buy it to protect ourselves in case bad things happen. Maybe the sideline is sharing stories and photos of living life to its fullest, even taking risks. (Note: If you sell insurance, but don’t really want to go skydiving, it’s OK to aggregate instead of coming up with your own content.)

5. Make fun of your industry. There are “poster” images going around online that show six photos. “What people think I do,” “What I really do,” etc. They’re usually amusing. There is nothing wrong with showing people you realize your work is misunderstood or considered boring.


Heads up, this all takes a bit more work than just tossing together a basic post on teeth cleaning. But if doing it wrong doesn’t work, try a different way.