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Prepare Content for Your Absence

Sole proprietors and small business owners occasionally take a vacation. (Crazy, right?) And when they do, it means leaving behind the business blog for a week or two.

In some cases, it’s just fine to skip a week of blogging and not worry about it. However, if you’re diligent and dedicated, you might want to plan ahead for your absence by scheduling a few blog posts. Of course, the time leading up to vacation is often the most busy; you are preparing multiple things so you can leave it all

Here are some ideas for making it easier. On the other hand, if you never take a vacation, I can’t help you.

  • Start Early – If you know in January that you’re taking a March vacation, start working on the blog post(s) early. Do it during your normal writing time each week, even if it’s just a few paragraphs to get going. By the time you leave, you can have each post ready to go.
  • Use Your Calendar – If you’re keeping a content calendar, preparing blog posts in advance shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Guest Posts – Know another small business owner who can write about a topic related to yours? Ask him or her to write up a guest post. In exchange, you can offer a link and a shout out. Be sure to give this person a strict deadline so you can read the post and schedule it before you leave.
  • Let It Go – Some bloggers I know simply alert their audiences that they will be away for an extended period of time. Whether you go this route depends on your goals and purposes for your blog and your reasons for absence. For example, a sudden medical emergency that catches you by surprise may warrant a quick “Oops, we’ll be back in a few weeks.” Whereas a vacation is something you generally know about and can handle in advance.

How do you prepare your blog for vacation?