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Why You Should Send Holiday Cards

You may hate the plethora of holiday cards showing up in your mailbox and inbox. But you should still send them.

Forget your family. Send them your clients/customers. Whether it’s an ecard or a real piece of paper with a stamp and your handwritten signature, here are some great reasons to wish your meal tickets a happy holiday:

1. Make them feel important. That client or customer may only be worth a few dollars a month, but they chose you out of the gazillion other stores or services offering the same thing as you. They are important. It’s good to remember that and remind that person you appreciate his or her business.

Photo by Maureen Didde/
Photo by Maureen Didde/

2. Remind them why they love you. Offer some company updates and great things going on. Again, they have many choices. Remind them you are a real person.

3. Encourage new service for next year. Holiday cards are a great way to offer a special deal, mention a service they should try as part of their new year, or mention that you are now on Instagram. This is especially great for clients/customers who used to use your service but have lost touch in the last few months.

How do you send holiday cards?

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