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Why You Don’t See The Final Drafts Posting on Facebook

Like many small business owners, I created a Facebook page for my business. I also created a Google+ page. But you won’t see any status updates there.

You might wonder why a person who touts content marketing and social media would not drink her own Kool-Aid. Here’s why: For me, the return on investment isn’t there.


Let me be clear: I believe in the power of those tools. I help sole proprietors and small business owners with content because they are too busy to write their own posts. I often encourage them to hire someone to help them with social media. As a business owner, your time is valuable, and often better spent on different things. You probably hire an accountant to do your books/taxes. Hiring someone to help with specific aspects of your marketing is also a great idea.

But not every business needs every form of marketing. Your marketing strategy depends on so many factors:

  • B2B or B2c?
  • Brick and motor, or working out of your home/local coffee shop?
  • Just you, or do you have employees/contractors?

This is just the short list, but these influence what type of marketing works for you. I know many location-based businesses that still use direct mail because they see results. On the other hand, popular content marketing site Copyblogger recently explained that it was closing its Facebook page — despite having 38,000 fans. Why? They weren’t getting engagement.

Quantity isn’t quality. I was not investing the time to make those tools work for me. And if something isn’t returning potential clients and customers, it makes more sense to move on to other avenues.

I keep Facebook and Google+ business pages to “save” them, but experience has taught me that spending time acquiring fans and likes is not going to make the phone ring. Instead, I write blog pots and share them on my personal Google+ page. That interaction helps with networking and SEO.

Of course, things are always changing. I hope to grow my business in 2015 and when I do, I will likely return to using social media tools — probably hiring some help to make sure the investment is done right.

But otherwise, I have moved on to other forms of marketing that work for my business, my time, and my style.

What marketing tools work for your business?