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The Ugly Truth About Content Marketing

Many small Raleigh business owners want blog posts. They think it’s good for SEO. They think it’ll help with marketing.

They are not wrong, but some other content writers and I were recently discussing the gap in what people expect blogging to do for them versus what it will do. Here are three ugly truths you don’t often hear from content marketers.

1. For immediate results, go elsewhere. Content marketing is not fast food. In our instant gratification society, it might be hard to remember, but sometimes you have to be patient to reap the rewards. Writing and sharing great blog posts is a long-term process, and should be just one tool in your marketing toolbox.

Photo by JD Hancock.
Photo by JD Hancock.

2. For best results, do it yourself. Of course, I want to work and be paid. But honestly? It’s going to be more authentic if you do the writing. When I write blog posts for small business owners, I do as much research as I can. I talk to you a lot about your business, your tone of voice, your competition, your readers. But some things are best coming from inside the business.

3. For next best results, collaborate. Some business owners hire out blog posts and social media without offering input. They assign the task and as long as it gets done, ignore the process. I understand that your time is too valuable to spend writing blog posts each week. But your input is going to make the content more worthwhile. To get authentic posts, give your content writer the information he or she needs to do a fantastic job.

What best practices have you found for working with your content writers?