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Stop Being Flaky

Have you ever attended or organized a free event? Chances are, you have RSVPd as a “yes” but later changed your mind, without changing your RSVP. Or, as an organizer, you know that the final headcount will not match the number of people who tell you they are coming.

Photo by James Whatley/Flickr Creative Commons.
Photo by James Whatley/Flickr Creative Commons.

Things change, deadlines loom, kids get sick, cars break down. Sometimes we small business owners have good reasons for not attending that networking or learning event. Sometimes, we no longer feel like it after a long day.

“Most people know what they are supposed to do and don’t do it.” I believe I should attribute this wisdom to Pepper Oldziey, an SEO expert here in Raleigh.

She was talking about various marketing practices, and while she is absolutely correct, I’d like to see us all start with something simpler: just showing up when we say we will. It’s not tough to change an RSVP on meetup. But before you even hit the “yes” button, stop and ask yourself: Am I really going to attend? Do I want to? What motivation do I have to go after a long day of work?

RSVPs are optional. Classiness isn’t.