Small Business

The Question of Good Content

“Not having enough time” is the top reason I hear from small business owners about why they don’t create content, whether it’s blog posts or newsletters or a quick 140 characters on social media.

Time is precious, and I, like everyone else I know, don’t seem to have enough of it.

That’s why I’m guilty of the same problem so far this year: I spend so much time working hard for everyone else, I don’t have much time to devote to my own blog. My alternate title for this post is “Where’s Jennifer?”

Me standing on Hanging Rock in 2010. This was the front of my first business card for The Final Drafts.
Me standing on Hanging Rock in 2010. This was the front of my first business card for The Final Drafts.

As a former professional organizer, I know we make time for what’s truly important to us. Our priorities somehow make it onto our to-do lists every day. So as I pondered this recently, I realized it’s not that I don’t find blogging on my website important — it’s that I don’t truly enjoy it. And I don’t truly enjoy it because I don’t think anyone out there really wants to read about commas or how to blog. You can find that content elsewhere from those “thought leader” types. (Blech. Can we ditch that phrase already?)

If you’re going to hire me to write a blog post, write words on your website, or edit your newsletter, it’s not just because of some blog post you found. You’re going to hire me because you (a) like me, (b) like the general tone of my writing, (c) heard about me from someone, (d) support local/small business, or maybe (e) some combination of those.

The point of content marketing is to build a relationship with your current and potential clients and customers. There are three main rules to doing this effectively:

  • Be real/be yourself
  • Offer something of value/interest
  • Focus your strategy where it matters (don’t need to be doing it all)

While blog posts are part of my strategy, I don’t think I’m always offering something interesting or valuable. That needs to change. So from now on, I’m going to write posts I want to write — not what I think you want to hear. The posts will probably stray from writing and grammar and instead enter the realm of my favorite topics. Whether this strategy will work (or whether anyone will find it interesting) remains to be seen.

But hey, at least it will give me the chance to stretch some writing muscles, be real and hey, I might find myself blogging more often!

Stay tuned.