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December Newsletter: To Send or Not to Send?

Sending your small business newsletter in December can feel like waste of time. You’re so busy with 562 tasks that you’re not reading the newsletters for which you signed up. Is someone going to read yours? Some marketing gurus will tell you it is important to keep up the constant effort. But small business owners know that sometimes, you just can’t do it all. Strong small business strategy is about deciding where your efforts will pay off.

So here is a handy checklist to decide whether it’s worth your valuable time and your customers’ valuable inbox space.


  • If you send something each month and have a pretty good open rate. That means your customers/clients expect to hear from you and actually open your newsletter.

  • If you are offering a holiday special deal, especially for B2Cs. Now is the time to get people in the store!

  • If your newsletter contains some valuable, relevant information that can rise above the the inbox flotsam.

  • If you have personal relationships with clients and want to send a holiday card to express appreciation. Just be sure it’s authentic.

    holiday cards
    Photo by mom the barbarian.
  • If you are prepared to spend some time on the subject line. Studies show that one thing is the key to whether people open it or not.

  • If you really need to touch base with some customers or clients. Sometimes, it really is worth them seeing your name in the inbox, even if they delete it.

  • If you delegate the task. This makes life much easier!

Sending? Check out How to Write a Useful Holiday Letter for Your Business.

Consider skipping:

  • If you have a small client list. You can call them and may even communicate with them often enough that missing one newsletter won’t matter.

  • If this is your first newsletter, or if you are sporadic about sending one.

  • If it’s a generic holiday card with no useful information.

  • If you can send a snail mail card instead. (This is easier for those with shorter client lists. I recommend Send Out Cards if you want to try it without handwriting and sticking stamps.)

  • If it’s going to prevent you from doing something else vitally important to your business or if you are just too overwhelmed.

  • If you always skip December. Set this up for next year by mentioning it in November – “Hey clients, we’re going to avoid cluttering your inbox next month because we know you are busy.” They’ll appreciate!

Share your comment: Do you send an e-newsletter in December? Why or why not?