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Editorial Calendars and Corn Mazes

An editorial calendar is not a content marketing requirement. Many Raleigh small business owners don’t use one. Instead, they keep an Evernote or a list of ideas somewhere and write as they go.

Nothing wrong with that. In fact, someone recently asked me if I created editorial calendars for clients. I will if they ask, but very few do. (Of course, I’m keeping a running list of my own.) Perhaps many do not realize how to create an editorial calendar or how it is valuable.

CSC_3496This weekend I celebrated October by visiting a corn maze. As I wandered among the stalks, deciding which path to choose, I realized that my path choices were not logical. I chose left or right based on a general idea of where I wanted to go, but I had no map to guide me or tell me if I’d been down that path before.

Blogging without an editorial calendar is similar. You may know generally where you want to go, but you are not sure if you have covered that topic already or what topics you may be unintentionally skipping.

As you think about your content marketing strategy for 2014, consider writing down not only some blog post topics, but other information — all in an editorial calendar. In a spreadsheet, map out the dates you will post, the keywords on which to focus and the category into which the post topic falls. You could also include what audience segment you’re reaching and then leave a column on which to track feedback such as number of hits or social media likes the post received. (If you dislike spreadsheets, create an editorial calendar using a WordPress plugin.)

You may not only be surprised about which topics you cover multiple times and which you forget, but also by which posts receive the most feedback. That information can help you decide how to move forward with content marketing.

Although I made it through the corn maze, I missed a lot of the checkpoints along the way. Don’t leave your Raleigh small business to the same fate.

2 thoughts on “Editorial Calendars and Corn Mazes

  1. Wow, your headline caught my eye! So true 🙂

    Since you’re into editorial calendars you might want to check out CoSchedule It is a built-in editorial calendar for WordPress that also lets you schedule social media. Disclaimer: I work for the company. Thanks for the post, and the great headline!

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