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Five Great Content Marketing Tips for SEO

If you’re a Raleigh small business owner, you should definitely check out the SEO meetup operated by Phil Buckley (@1918). He offers free monthly meetups for people looking to figure out that strange thing we call Search Engine Optimization. As we all know, SEO isn’t just about metadata. These days, it’s also about content.

Last week he organized an excellent meetup with some brilliant content marketers. Here are five great tips I got from that session (in my own words):

Image by Search Engine People Blog.

1. Focus on your market, not your product or service. Your content doesn’t always have to be about your stuff.

2.  They have to like it in order to share it. So in relation to No. 1, who is your market? What do they find useful and interesting? Create that content instead of tooting your own horn all the time.

3. Tell your story. Despite, Nos. 1 & 2, it’s OK to talk about yourself. Just do so in a more storytelling way. (More details on this in upcoming posts.)

4. Be consistent and patient. You won’t write your first blog post one week and then be overwhelmed with new business the next. Content marketing takes time, and must be done in conjunction with other efforts.

5. If you use WordPress, check out the edit flow plugin to help you create a content calendar.