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A Pair of Shoes

The other day I was driving to a client meeting when I realized something amusing: I had just changed my shoes.

I began the day wearing a business casual outfit, but since I was walking, I wore comfortable sneakers. I stopped at home to change into dressier shoes before driving to my meeting.

by theogeo

Why? I laughed about it a bit, but the truth is, those details matter. I didn’t want that person to think of me as underdressed (read: a slacker). But the only thing I changed was my footwear.

It highlights an important point: If I pay so much attention to those little details in others, what are they observing about me?

Whether it be your shoes, your handshake, your website or that grammatical error, what are people noticing about you? Is it good or bad?

Remember: It might only take a simple pair of shoes to change the entire outfit.

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