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Ramen Expectations

Five weeks ago today was my last day with a full-time job. The other day, someone asked me: Has it lived up to your goals?

Um, what was that? Was I supposed to set goals for this big adventure? Outline some sort of financial plan? Or maybe even just a work plan? Oops.

Hmmm … Well, I’m not forced to eat Ramen noodles three meals a day (yet), which is as good a barometer as any for how business is going.

But maybe what he really meant was: Has it lived up to your expectations? And that answer to that is: Yes. I figured I’d be eating Ramen noodles at least one meal per week, but so far, only the best Kroger brand spaghetti for me. In all seriousness, it’s been a blast. Here’s the lowdown.

The Good
I get up and “go to work” each day at 9 a.m. My “commute” either takes 20 seconds, as I walk into my home office, or 10 minutes, if I walk up the street to one of my client’s offices, where he has allowed me some space and a plug.

I’m learning tons, as I read and take classes to become a professional organizer, and as I work with clients to help write articles, press releases, use social media and a host of other tasks to make sure business happens.

I also actually have time to attend networking events and other random classes now that I have normal work schedule. The new schedule also means I can have a social life.

The Bad
Not having a regular paycheck takes some adjustment. Yes, I’m getting paid, and it will be at regular times each month, which means I’m lucky. While I don’t miss the daily grind of the full-time same place, same stuff job, I do miss knowing that every second Friday there would be money in my bank account.

Working doesn’t always mean getting paid. I usually work seven or eight hours a day. But that doesn’t mean I can charge my clients or employer for every minute of that time. I might be updating my Web site or checking out some professional networking groups.

The Ugly
Taxes are no fun. I now get to file my taxes quarterly, which means I pay the government four times a year. How exciting. I’m really looking forward to filling out that IRS paperwork. Does “cluelessness” count as a defense?

The Bottom Line
I’m happy. I made the right choice. Of course, it’s only five weeks in, so there’s still time …

3 thoughts on “Ramen Expectations

    1. Thanks John! Long time no see! Now that my schedule is more flexible you should meet me for coffee sometime!

  1. I was thinking the same thing as John — I can’t believe it’s been five weeks already. I’m so glad you’re happy and enjoying this new chapter.

    Sometime I want you to fill me in on these professional organizer classes. I’m intrigued by that — especially because I am a notably disorganized person who wouldn’t mind taking up residence at The Container Store.

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