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What It's Like: Election Night

Today when I walk into the newsroom, it will be quiet. It’s quiet most days, but “quiet” is a relative term. Many people I know work in offices where you can hear a pin drop.

Me in the NBC17 newsroom, 2008

Even on a “quiet” day, the sound of a pin — or a voice — is often lost in a newsroom.

But by evening, the results will be coming in. People will be eating pizza, calling numbers to each other.

It’s Election Day — also known as one of the best times to work in a newsroom. It’s not just the free pizza, either. Something about the excitement, the extra activity, the thrill of watching results come in and knowing, before many other people, how it will all turn out.

Yes, seriously, even if you hate politics. That’s why the media all cover the “horse race” you know. Because it’s fun.

Meet you by the news desk.