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Need a new perspective or can’t figure out what to write? Stop staring at the blank page. We’ll help you with blog posts, newsletters, brochures, social status updates and more. We take you from the first draft to the final.

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Creating status updates, posting them, and analyzing the results for all your social media accounts takes more work than you thought. We can maintain and move your online brand forward so you can focus on your business.


Content is a big part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but only if done correctly. Push your business higher on the results page by working with us to optimize the content we create and maximize your quality links.

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Get great content.

Breathe a sigh of relief! We can get you the right words for the right content so you can focus on the work that you do and do it even better. Contact us to get started.

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Hiring someone to help with content is somewhat scary. Check out our FAQs so you can learn more about the process of hiring a content marketer to help with your business.

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How to Write Blog Posts Longer Than 500 Words

For many business owners, the idea of writing a blog post of 1,200 words is unthinkable. How can you create a post longer than 500 words?

5 Types of Content to Create Besides Blog Posts

While content marketing is an important part of your Raleigh business, that content doesn’t always have to be a blog post.

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Why You Shouldn’t Play it Too Safe with Content

A lot of what’s out there is boring. Some of it has to be, sure. But in some cases, companies spend a lot of time and money creating content that is neutral and professional to the point of being bland.

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Blame my mother. It's all her fault I studied journalism. I was bored around the house one summer day, playing with our new computer. I decided to write a few news items down in the Word processing program. "Household Happenings" only published two issues. Naturally, my mom thought it was fantastic.

I dismissed her career idea. But she must have planted a seed in my head, because by senior year of high school, I knew what I wanted to do: write for a newspaper. I later worked for multiple news publications in Illinois and Tennessee.

I moved to Raleigh in 2007 and spent three years working as a web and broadcast producer for a local TV news station. There, I learned other forms of writing and gained skills in web, social networking. I also learned how to deal with the pressure of producing live TV news.

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Get Writing Done

“I have hired Jennifer to help me bring the productivity principles and concepts I developed over the past 30 years into language that will be appreciated the next generation. Working with Jennifer is pure joy! She is an outstanding creative writer who understands how to use content to maximize social media.”

Barbara Hemphill Productive Environment Institute

“Jennifer is a true professional. She is creative, inquisitive, strategic and has a true understanding of the written language. Each project we’ve presented her with is approached thoughtfully and she is thoroughly committed to achieving, and exceeding set goals. Furthermore, she is a skilled collaborator, with a friendly outlook and great sense of humor.”

Colleen Davis Davis Graphic Design